Using Pure Water To Detox Heavy Metals

I always kind of just assumed that clean water was clean water. I know I’m very lucky to have access to drinking water every day of my life, and whether that water was bottled, filtered or from the tap, it all seemed to be fair game to me – especially in the New York City area, which I’ve always been told is home to some of the cleanest drinking water available. But that all changed about a month ago.

I began seeing an incredible (arguably magical) natural doctor in Brooklyn. Upon scanning my entire body, she made a couple of really incredible discoveries – and one of these was that an overload of aluminum and lead were taking a toll on some of my systems.

So, how was I to clear these heavy metals from my body? First: Stop using conventional deodorant, which almost always contains aluminum. Well, I’ve already been making my own natural deodorant for almost a year (see the recipe here!), so that was taken care of. Second: Take a supplement that aids in detoxing metals, like chlorella. Again, something I was already doing.Third: Trade in my aluminum pots and pans for glass and ceramic cookware. Okay, easy enough. Fourth: Switch your water filter. My WHAT?

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As it turns out, the seemingly trusty water filtration system I’d been using for years wasn’t actually filtering heavy metals out of my water. Couple that with the lead pipes bringing it into my home, and we’ve got a recipe for a heavy metal overload – especially for someone who drinks as much water as I do.

According to my doc (and a handful of other natural doctors I’ve seen), reverse osmosis water is the prime choice. During the process of reverse osmosis, tap water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane, removing 90-99% of dissolved inorganic solids, like salt and heavy metals. The only issue here is that these systems can be pretty pricey. And although I do believe good health shouldn’t really have a price tag, some things are just simply not feasible for those on a tight budget.

My doc recommended this brand, which she believes is the cost-effective next best thing to a reverse osmosis filter. I ordered my filter right away, and was psyched to see that it actually came with a TDS meter, which allows me to test the level of dissolved solids in my water. Tap water levels generally range from 0 to upwards of 300 ppm (parts per million), and seem to vary from region to region. As you might guess, the closer to 0, the better.

I decided to do a little comparison of levels: tap water vs. filtered water (using my previous filter) vs. bottled water vs. filtered water (using my new filter).

Here were my results:


Holy cow. Now, I have to admit that on this particular day, my previous filter was a few weeks old, so it wasn’t at its prime. But still. The level of that water was alarmingly close to plain tap water. And the water using the new filter had a reading of 0. Zero! That’s even better than the bottled water. I did this test a bunch of times on different days using different batches of water, and each time yielded similar results.

For any of you skeptics – don’t worry, I feel you. This meter came with the water filter. It could totally somehow be rigged. (Also keep in mind that these levels just measure dissolved inorganic solids, so we’re not looking at bacteria or viruses here.) But I’ve always preferred to be a believer.

When I saw my doctor a few days later, she reported that my body had already made noticeable improvements in the way of heavy-metal detoxing. And one week later, I was totally detoxed. Done. No more excess lead, no more excess aluminum. All because I changed my water filter and took a break from aluminum pots and pans.

Since I’m also detoxing some other things at the moment, I can’t report on my own observations of how this detox has changed by body just yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

For now, I’ll just be happily sipping on this here purified water.

+ Have any of you ever done a heavy metal detox? How’d it go?

**I just want to add that this is a recount of my own experience. This post isn’t intended to help diagnose or treat any illnesses. If you think you may need to detox from metals or anything else, I’d recommend finding an awesome natural doctor to help create a treatment plan that’s right for you!**

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